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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Teeth are important to the appearance of beauty. For me, I needed the confidence to smile and feel good about myself. It is weird to start my blog this way, but, it is a my way of seeing myself. So I am sharing this with you. So here it goes:

Pay attention to the teeth not the lady.

Now you have seen what they look like and why I want to have them fixed. So a few days ago I went back to get my teeth bonded.

Now remember, the teeth, the teeth!

So now whtat do you think? Good, no? No, it didn't hurt, just had to put up with the drill sounds......yeck!


TianneMarie said...

LOVE the hair!! How do you keep it white blonge? Mine always goes yellow. Also is that all bonding, because it looks great?

TianneMarie said...

P.S. You don't have a damn wrinkle. I envy. I am turning into an old crone.

Goddess said...

white blonge? maybe white blonde...my next post will be on how to keep that blonde from the salon to stay that gorgeous blonde, platinum, and grey....stay tune. By the way, the no wrinkles thing...its all in the genes and plenty of water and plenty of passionate sex...and combo of happiness in life and Father God!