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Monday, September 27, 2010

Hard Candy 1,000 Lashes

The Hard Candy 1,000 Lashes (fiberized weave mascara) are in cute tubes...the colors are beautiful. But that is where it stops. 1st) They are dry, waxy feel to them. 2nd) They don't go on to well. If you are patient, like I am, if you work with it and use a mascara brush to separate the lashes, you can come out with some pretty lash colors. Some of the colors I have are: Lush green (which looks more like Jade when put on.), Mermaid Teal (It has more of a bright green appearance.), Indigo Blue (Looks like a soft lavender than a rich indigo blue should have.), Divine Purple (Takes on a more plum, than purple.),  and finally, Heartthrob Pink (Which hits the mark on pinks.) There are, I believe seven colors all together, black and brown.

It says that it is fiberized, maybe that is the reason that it looks thick. But unfortunately that makes it more difficult to apply. Thank goodness that I had a old mascara brush to comb through, because, the lashes clumped together. Like I said, you can achieve the desired look, look carefully at the eyelashes from The Greens posting, you can tell there is definition of color.

Would I recommend it to my reader? Only if you want to work with difficult material....go for it...but if you don't....walk passed it and search through the Halloween costume shops for mascara or search online for another product....then let me know about it.

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