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Monday, September 27, 2010

Marilyn Monroe Blondes ATTENTION!!!!!!!!

The blonde of all blondes...Marilyn Monroe, the hair color idol of all hair colors. I feel that this is the one blonde that most women think of when they go blonde. It is not that we are dumb, it is that women want to make men believe we are dumb....most blondes are smart and know what they want. I prefer to make men think I am a ditz, so when I say or do something smart I tell them "I color my hair to make you think I am dumb so you will do what I want!" My husband asks all the time, "How's that workin' for ya, hunny?" If he only knew is that he is under my spell.

Blondes get more attention than any other colors, people in general see a blonde as a threat to their mate. We are not, we know what we want and we want to achieve our goals to get it. Sorry if you can make up your mind to reach your goals....but don't worry I do know some other women who have colors other than blonde who are terrifically smart and ambitious. So I am not bashing other colors, I'm just talking about how the blondes maintain that color.

First of all I am a dark dish-water blonde, when I was a lil' one, I was a white blonde! As I got older the Indian blood took over. First thing I did to obtain the knowledge of how to color my hair. I went to beauty college and learned some things there. I was only there to learn how to do nails, but you can't be at school without picking up a few things. I have several friends who I am close with who do hair and have done my hair in the past.

These are the tools that I was told to obtain. The gloves are reuse able, a color brush, and a bowl. Now you can use any bowl, I just have a professional discount at beauty supply stores. The gloves, just make sure they are durable enough to with stand the strength of the color. (discount item at BSS) The brush, I still suggest go to the beauty supply store that is open to the public. Most BSS only cater to beauty professionals, but there are a few that are open to the public, suggestion: Sally's Beauty Supply. The items in there are alot better than they were when they first opened. There are alot of professional items in there also, like China Glaze, IBD nail products, and various others, you just have to look.

Then there is the bleach, now this is very important, if you don't know much about bleach. Just look at your clothes you have ruined in the wash room. Be very careful, this hair bleach will bleach clothes, rugs, and other things that you don't want ruined. YOU ARE WARNED! Now where was I....oh, bleach. Now this is what I use is:

It is by Clairol and it is really great stuff. It comes in three shades, white, blue and violet (pic above). Now I have a a lot of red in my hair, darn family heritage....Scottish and American Indian....the violet help bleach that out without turning orange. Unless you like that and that is what you are achieving then use the blue. Now if your hair is a darker blonde...use the white, it is made specifically for lightening hair color. This product has a grape smell to it when mixed, pleasant when applying. It doesn't have the ammonia smell to it and leaves no bleachy smell afterwards. (Funny, I just created a new word...bleachy....whoohoo!)

Now the next item that I use:

Developers, now the one thing is that assists the bleach and makes it become active. Now there is other developers, I don't suggest you use any of these developers, unless you consult your hairstylist or someone you know who has knowledge in the field.....no I am not the person to ask. Now I have to mix these two products about half and half....3 Tablespoons of powder to 3 Tablespoons of developer.  Then the fun begins, I have to meticulously paint my roots and then put a plastic cap on and wait. For about an hour I subject myself to the long wait to reach that potential Marilyn Monroe glamorous locks! Rinse in cold water, this is important for setting the color. The wash your hair to remove more bleach from your hair and scalp. I like to wash my hair with Nexxus products...because they are very rich in conditioning treatments. I use Humectress, both shampoo and conditioner. I use these for about a week and a half to help moisturize the damage that I have caused and all the natural oils out. But still I am not done, there is still one more step that I have to tone out any yellow, I am after the old Hollywood blonde look which is better than today's fade of blue tinged platinum. That, to me looks like the old ladies getting out of the beauty shop retching of Dippty Dew and Aqua Net plaster, then looking like a purple grape from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory...oh what was that girls name....oh, I forget and it is not important.

Now this two toners, I have to mix together and yes it is alright to do that and the developer at the equal amount of Silver lady and White lady together. These two are extremely purple, so please be careful with these. Don't get on the phone to the insurance person and do business for about a half-hour or you will frighten yourself with blueberry hair....I did this and I had to stay home for a weekend and hide my hair. The color does wash out, but can be shocking to the novice. You only need to leave this on for a short time. For me at least 10 to 15 minutes, just until you achieve the color. Now if you rinse off and realize that this isn't the light color you want to achieve, to make it lighter use again about a week. Now if it is too light....remember this the next time and shorten the time the next time you do a touch up.

Maintenance....you thought it would be easy....no way sister! You have to understand that air pollution, food, vitamins, medications, vitamins and smoking. Will definitely alter the color and make it look brassy and dull. But doing this is just learning to stay up with a routine. My regular shampoo, and this I definitely spend a little more to keep the same look, day after day. Bed Head's Dumb Blonde, shampoo and conditioner, this does maintain the color to some degree. But you also need a pick me up on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, it all depends on the degree of the level of blonde you want to stick with. This Shampoo is called Shimmer Lights, it is a purple based hair shampoo, to condition I use the Humectress again to help keep the moisture locked in. This is what the shampoo looks like:

So now you know the secret to the Hollywood blonde.....the one thing I have to advise is that you have keep the work to keep that color. If you spend the time to do it right and the cash....you will get noticed a lot....trust me....men and women alike. Oh, all the products that I use is located at Sally's Beauty Supply....never shun the obvious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go out there and look like a Goddess!

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