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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Self-Esteem Issues

Taking pictures of myself is really hard for me. When I look in my photos, I see all the flaws in my beauty. Beauty, vanity, and youth words that don't go well when put together. I see the obesity in my face and in my neck...don't get me started on my body. Low self-esteem is an addiction that I face every day. I call it "the voice of let downs". When I think I look my best, it is the little voice that speaks back and tells me how horrible I look....or how I will never amount to much...or how awlful I am as a person.....oh, and my personal favorite....you look like a person wearing a intertube around your waist (I fat).

Many women and teenage girls hear some of these same words over and over again and don't know how to respond at first. But over time, they begin to counter-act the words, by unreasonable diet, outrageous exercise routines, over use of make-up products (guilty), chem peels, lipo, reductions, enhancements, lifts, tucks....and the list goes on.

So how did we get this way? A lot of it we get at those impressionable ages of our youth, we heard what people say about each other. Television is any psychologist, sociologist, and other mental personnel favorite target. How about Newspapers, Magazines, and now the Internet. As women, we are even bombarded by our mates....a constant barrage of snide remarks, jokes or just plain Jane blunt! Then our peers...yes, ladies....we are so cruel to others, just to make us feel better about ourselves.

So, how do we get past this.....try very hard ignore what you hear and see. You are not like those models, diet guru, beauty specialists and of course friends, family and mates. You are different from them, no two are alike, (unless you are a mirror twin and idential twin) lets face it you are unique and you have to believe that. You are your own Goddess of Beauty, no one can judge you, for they themselves see their own ugliness in the mirror.

I know it is hard, but that voice in our head is a liar and a manipulator. I hear that voice everyday and it is hard to ignore. I tells me that I am stupid and good for nothing. How can I get past that? I am working on it, I have to put those tapes out of my head...a good book that I read a few years ago called "Self Talk, Soul Talk: What to Say When You Talk to Yourself" by Jennifer Rothchild.

You can get a good price from Amazon.com, especially used, about $4.00.  Check it out, there is a link to Amazon on this page, I actually get some cash if you click on it. Please do, I need the cash......

Ok, there was my sales pitch....now on with the show....

Tapes in our head, as she refers to, are the ones we hear over and over in our heads. They become so loud that we only hear that tape. We have programed ourselves into listening to them and nothing else. Turning the volume down and recording new and positive things about ourselves to listen to. I still have found that I turn the volume down on the positive and listen to the negative. That recording will always be there and I will find its way into the current listening list.

So here is another one of these pictures that I am still searching for my beauty....

Enjoy the beauty!

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TianneMarie said...

I like the scarf and your pretty blonde hair! I see lavender...is that right? Share what you used, enquiring minds want to know! :)