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Saturday, October 23, 2010

New colors to play with!

Oh guess what the makeup fairy brought me......yup! My Aromaleigh collections! Oooooo, they are hot, hot, hot..... So we are going to play a game. Look closely at the my eyelid and try to guess the colors that I have on. Here is a hint: I am wearing 11 colors.

It took me about a half hour to pick the colors...then another half hour to put the shadows on. Good luck!


TianneMarie said...

Give me a hint! Which collections and do you looove them?! I am telling you, now is the time to stock up on Aromaleigh. They make the best eyeshadows. The 3 to love (imho) are: Hi-Fi Cosmetics (on Etsy), Fyrinnae (you know Fyrinnae) and Aromaleigh. The rest are good too, but these 3 stand out to me. PRETTY but HELP me figure out your 11 shades!

Goddess said...

Hint #1 They are Aromaleigh
Hint #2 Rocks! Glitter Collection
Hint #3 Hot in the City Collection
Hint #4 HiFi retro matte
Hint #5 Pure Eyes Frost

Good Luck, and they all are my favorites!

TianneMarie said...

K lemme see....

1. Hot in the City Lady Liberty
2. Retro Matte in Spaz
3. Pure Eyes Frost in Luster
4. Hot in the City Socialite
5. Rocks! glitter in Permafrost
6. Retro Matte in What's Shakin?
7. Pure Eyes Frost in Loden
8. Hot in the City Coney Island
9. Rocks! glitter in Oscillate
10. Pure Eyes Frost in Amethyst
11. Pure Eyes Frost in Wish

How'd I do?!